Thursday, April 12, 2012

Photos of first !Thunderrclapp¡ event:

I wish I had the words to explain what went on but  in lieu here are pics taken by Jason Heller.  Nuba Mountains  were breathtakingly exuberant and generous in their performance and music and costumes and a lot of people went out of their way to mention that it was the best thing they had ever experienced!! We are still hearing great comments... Matthew Brown played a great set with his synthesizer trickery and people did all sorts of dancing to the relentless beat-makings.  Ms Butt as  bringing some great eclectic sounds ever so seamlessly! Here are some images.  Thanks to all who came along!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March 8th!

THUNDERRCLAPP #1 - March 8th


Thursday 8th March :: Mercat Basement
Nuba Mountains Cultural Society of Victoria, inc
Matthew Brown
Ms Butt

Thunderrclapp #1 is approaching! For our inagural event we have organised an amazing slice of Melbourne's dance and music. There will horned head dresses, live analogue synth workouts as well as heavy bassed tropical party flavours. Rounding out the night will be Thunderrclapp DJs!
Thunderrclapp is for music from the places where technology, tradition and dancing meet.

“Yes we are proud to be Nuba, and most importantly: to keep our identiy alive, whereever we are!”

Nuba Mountains practice traditional dance from Southern Sudan. Comprised of 12 members the Nuba Mountains show is a combination of traditional costume including bull horn headresses and contemporary electronically produced music.


Ms Butt has been DJing on the Melbourne club circuit since 2002, Bringing global party styles to dance floors with reggae, dancehall, hip hop, dubstep, afrobeat, latin, future beats, calypso, cumbia, soul, jazz, and more. She is a part of Congo Tardis #1 with dj’s Paz and Lewis CanCut, and her project teaching young women Dj skills. Ms Butt has been instrumental in carving a space within Melbourne’s club and party scene selecting and mixing the latest dance music that we would otherwise have to catch a plane to find.Ms Butt regularly hosts radio shows on Melbourne’s community stations PBS FM and RRR FM.

http:// about.html


A pirate radio broadcaster, electronic instrument artisan Matthew

Brown has been described by those who have experienced his effect on the dance floors of Melbourne as a wizard!. He tames vintage analogue synths and he has been busy crafting. He will bring his time machines to thunderrclapp and he will perform his live set colliding 80’s rave and stonehenge baroque and you might just find yourself dancing. matthew-brown

Monday, December 12, 2011


!!THUNDERCLAPP!! is a project developed by Lucreccia Quintanilla, Bianca Hester, Lochie Bradfield and Jason Heller. We are Melbourne based artists who work in the field of installation, sound and musical production.

We have gravitated together through our mutual love for dancehall music, noise, carnival and community development. We have linkages to practitioners of diverse cultural backgrounds (Australia, Indonesia, Colombia, Venezuela, Sudan, El Salvador, Ghana, Senegal), and we have begun !!THUNDERCLAPP!! in order to bring realms of people together through the force of music.

Through !!THUNDERCLAPP!! we want to:

Host community-based musical events focused around the playing of live music (drawing upon our connections with artists and musicians across Australia and Internationally), with a diverse group of people beyond a club-oriented context.

Use these events as a platform to bring a range of cultural practitioners together in order to facilitate connections across races, classes and generations.

Develop situations that enable experimentation with the relationship between performer and spectator to generate events that are interactive and collaborative.

Use these events to raise funds for a range of community cultural development projects and micro-loan schemes.

!!THUNDERCLAPP!! as an experiment in the shaping of a multi-layered culture that braids many forms of production together. Our first event will be headlined by DJ Rupture from New York City on Thursday March 8th at the Mercat Cross Hotel! on the full moon...YEOW!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011