Monday, December 12, 2011


!!THUNDERCLAPP!! is a project developed by Lucreccia Quintanilla, Bianca Hester, Lochie Bradfield and Jason Heller. We are Melbourne based artists who work in the field of installation, sound and musical production.

We have gravitated together through our mutual love for dancehall music, noise, carnival and community development. We have linkages to practitioners of diverse cultural backgrounds (Australia, Indonesia, Colombia, Venezuela, Sudan, El Salvador, Ghana, Senegal), and we have begun !!THUNDERCLAPP!! in order to bring realms of people together through the force of music.

Through !!THUNDERCLAPP!! we want to:

Host community-based musical events focused around the playing of live music (drawing upon our connections with artists and musicians across Australia and Internationally), with a diverse group of people beyond a club-oriented context.

Use these events as a platform to bring a range of cultural practitioners together in order to facilitate connections across races, classes and generations.

Develop situations that enable experimentation with the relationship between performer and spectator to generate events that are interactive and collaborative.

Use these events to raise funds for a range of community cultural development projects and micro-loan schemes.

!!THUNDERCLAPP!! as an experiment in the shaping of a multi-layered culture that braids many forms of production together. Our first event will be headlined by DJ Rupture from New York City on Thursday March 8th at the Mercat Cross Hotel! on the full moon...YEOW!!

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